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Do you need ean codes to sell your products at for example or amazon? Then you have arrived at the correct eancode - ean numbers webshop. Immediately after payment we deliver the purchased eancodes in your mailbox. You will receive ean13 barcodes with your order for free, unlike many other webshops that require extra money for barcodes.

You only have to buy the eecodes from us once, unlike GS1 codes where you are tied to an annual subscription depending on your turnover, you also pay much more than is necessary. The operation of the eancodes is exactly the same with us, we can also register the eancodes through our partner so that one can see that the purchased eancodes are actually yours, this is optional and certainly not mandatory but as advice we always give to have them registered via our partner because it makes a lot of difference if someone takes over your eancodes and benefits from your success.


Our official ean numbers / eancodes can be used wherever an ean number is requested. Think of:, Amazon,, Google shopping, Ebay, Spotify, iTunes and many other platforms. If you are unsure whether our eancodes work on a certain website, please contact us. In 99.9% of cases our eancodes work on all platforms.


This is why 1000+ customers have purchased eancodes from us:
  • 1. Cheap eancodes
  • 2. You will receive from us only officially recognized EAN13 codes that have been validated
  • 3. Our EAN Codes can be used on, among other things,, Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Fonq, Beslist and Google Shopping.
  • 4. With us ALWAYS the barcodes are supplied free of charge
  • 5. Our EAN number never starts with a 0
  • 6. 100% Guarantee that our codes work on the platforms that we have specified
  • 7. We issue our codes once

If you have any questions about our work or when buying the EAN Codes, you can always contact our customer service, in most cases (on working days) you will receive a response from 1 of our employees within 2 hours.