Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I receive my ean codes?

All our ean codes are delivered by e-mail immediately after ordering so that you can get started with the ean codes.

On which platforms do your eancodes work?

Our eancodes work on: Amazon, eBay, Google shopping, iTunes and all other platforms.

Is this a one-time purchase or a subscription?

You buy the ean codes once and then you are the owner. You can, however, choose to purchase a protection service from our supplier in order to register your codes. You will receive more information about this after ordering. This is of course not mandatory but we do recommend it.

What is the difference with GS1 eancodes?

GS1 is more for physical stores and if you like to buy ean codes where you are tied to an expensive subscription, then GS1 is a good choice. If you prefer to pay once, then we are the right choice. Our ean codes work the same as GS1.

Why are your eancodes so cheap?

We purchase our ean codes in large quantities with many millions at the same time as we are active throughout Europe. This purchasing advantage in combination with limited marketing releases makes us so cheap, but this certainly does not affect the service. Just contact us and you will receive an answer to your question immediately within 24 hours.